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Badamwari Garden

Situated on the hills of Koh-e-Maran, Badamwari Garden is an attractive tourist spot. Dotted by plenty of trees, flowers and bushes, this garden is visited by a large crowd of nature lovers. A magnificent dome amidst the garden looks more beautiful when it is in full bloom during the spring season. Visitors can spend some quality time with their partners and friends in the lap of nature. The scenic beauty is highly appreciated in the garden where you can have the best shot for the photographs. The almond buds here in the full bloom during the month of April and therefore, you plan your visit to this garden in this month.


Badamwari is located in the Downtown area of Srinagar. At the foothills of Kohimaaran Hills. Nearby Landmark is Gurudwara Kaathi Darwaza, Rainawari. Worth visiting place especially in early Spring, when Almond Flowers bloom at fullest.

Historians maintain there was no record to suggest who laid the garden but they say it existed even before the rule of Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin in the 14th century. A well covered dome in the garden is named after an Afghan ruler, Warris Khan. The bloom on the Almond trees heralded the spring and marked the New Year for Kashmiris.

On News

The government in Jammu and Kashmir has reopened the Badamwari garden in Srinagar in an attempt to promote tourism. The aromatic garden is currently witnessing an almond bloom.

In a bid to promote tourism and revive traditional cultural activities in Kashmir, the government has announced the opening of a historic Badamwari garden in Srinagar that is witnessing an almond bloom from March 21.

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