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thajiwas glacier

Thajiwas Glacier, located at an altitude of 9,186 feet at a short distance from Sonmarg in Jammu & Kashmir, is enormous and blessed with magnificent beauty. Overlooked by the Thajiwas mountain and surrounded by meadows, conifer trees and frozen lakes, it is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever come across.


Thajiwas glacier at an altitude of 9,186 feet is a striking silvery scene set against emerald meadows and a clear blue sky. In summers, you can take a half-day hike to numerous waterfalls around this glacier. The road will be long and the journey hard but the captivating views make it worthwhile. On the way, have a friendly match with the local Gujjar kids who are almost always ready for a friendly snowball fight!

From Skiing on the snowy mountain slopes to rafting on the vicious mountain rivers,

Thajiwas Glacier is the gem of Sonamarg. must visit attraction.
tactfully bargain for the Ponny rides to the Glacier. However, you can also trek to that place if you have ample time.

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The environmental experts believe that the Thajiwas glacier in Sonamarg area of Ganderbal district doesn’t pose a major threat of any sudden outburst as it has no glacial lakes.

However in a major concern the Thajiwas glacier has receded rapidly about 50 meters in the last three years.

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